Karanja Cake
We manufacture Karanja Cake by processing pure karanja seeds, and crushing pure karanja seeds, extract karanja oil from it. Karanja cake contains high N-P-K values, and it is really an excellent organic fertilizer.
The cake left after extraction of oil from Karanja, is excellent organic manure with insect controlling properties.
Effective as a Nematicide
Karanja Cake is proven to be effective against root knot nematodes e.g. (Meloidogyne incognita). Karanja cake also has broad spectrum activity against a wide category of Nematodes. Rich Source of NPK, Karanja Cake has rich quantity of NPK in organic form. Being totally botanical product it contains 100% natural NPK content and other essential micro nutrients as well. The Pongammia cake is very good to use as organic fertilizers as they are a rich source of NPK which improves soil fertility. The cake when applied to the soil, also has a pesticides value, particularly against nematodes, and others similar diseases. As a natural fertilizer, it can be mixed with Neem cake pellets to give a synergic result.
Nature Karanja Cake having minimum karanjan content of 1800 ppm and provides the crop with essential nutrients, while significantly reducing the number of soil insects and nematodes. Nature Karanja Cake gives good yields.
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