Neem Cake
Pure residual oil-cake in cake or pellet form is a bye-product of the pure neem oil, & a 100% eco-friendly organic manure/fertilizer
Obtained from the best quality neem kernels & excellent because of its good Azadirachtin content.
Pest repellent on all types of crops & soils.
Oil Content: 4% upto 9%
Protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs & white ants.
Studies have shown that Neem Cake controlled several different types of Insects & Nematodes, including Grain Moth, Lesser Grain Moth, & Red Flour Beetle.
Neem Cake Organic Manure is used directly &/or in blends with urea or with other organic manure like seaweed or farmyard manure to an extent of 15-20% by weight, for higher yields in various crops.
Acts as a nitrification inhibitor & prolongs the availability of nitrogen to short duration & long duration crops.
Increases the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilizer use - Minimizes the requirement of nitrogen in crop production & hence reduces the cost of fertilizer application.
Improves the soil condition considerably & protects the soil during drought.
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